Foto Andreas Schlee Andreas Schlee was born 16th December 1984 in Aktau in the former USSR. On his 5th birthday, together with his mother Olga and his brother Johann, he settled in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Even as a child Andreas showed a keen interest in the film medium, whereby he created dream worlds and fictitious characters, who, on the one hand, were constant companions in his imagination and, on the other hand, often appeared in written form in his essays. Andreas particularly liked to combine his made up stories with martial arts, the second passion of his life.

After leaving primary school Andreas first went to a general secondary school, where, after two years because of good academic performance he was recommended to attend an intermediate secondary school before finally being accepted at the Gustav-von-Schmoller Wirtschaftsgymnasium (grammar school with emphasis on economics and business studies) in Heilbronn. While Andreas was studying for his university entrance exams in 2005, he made his first short film Machtlos - Powerless. This film was shot in and around the vicinity of Heilbronn, his friends and acquaintances taking the parts of the actors.

In the same year, after successfully passing his university entrance exam, Andreas completed his first practical course in the film industry with the production company 'Los Banditos Films' in Stuttgart. It was during this time that Andreas got a first insight into the world of film making and also gained hands on experience on music video production sets.

On completion of this practical course and the ensuing knowledge, Andreas took part in a music video competition organised by the radio station 'bigFM'. However, when Andreas submitted his music video to 'bigFM', it was not allowed to enter the competition. The radio station justified their decision on the basis of the video requiring a higher rating categorisation than a publicly accessible platform, for this reason it could unfortunately not be put online.

In 2006 Andreas decided to study theatre, film and media science. Due to the popularity of these studies prevailing at that time Andreas was unfortunately not offered a place at university. Andreas nevertheless wanted to obtain this knowledge and so he enrolled for a course of studies in German and English literature at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg and attended lectures for film and media science as a guest student.
During this time he made, together with a fellow student, a short documentary film about the German horror film director Olaf Ittenbach, entitled Eine Ikone des Splatterfilms - An Icon of the Splatter Film.
After two years Andreas had attended all of the relevant theatre, film and media science lectures and decided to leave the university prematurely in order to do a further practical course in the film industry. This time with the Munich production company 'IMAS Film Entertainment', led by Olaf Ittenbach.


At this time Andreas was also working on his first competitive short film Heroic Bloodshed. This short film is a tribute to the film director John Woo, so highly held in esteem by Andreas, and the film after having been shown at numerous festivals was released on DVD.

Within three months of starting his practical course at 'IMAS Film Entertainment' Andreas was promoted to production manager and assistant director of the film at that time, with the title Legend of Hell.

After completing this project Andreas successfully implemented another short film Nachrichten - The News. For this short film many famous people in the German film world, both in front of and behind the cameras, were contracted. Nachrichten - The News could be seen at the Short Film Corner in the Festival de Cannes 2011.

Further more, Andreas took acting lessons and speech training and gained his first experiences in front of the camera. Besides, Andreas always continued martial arts. Since 2015 he is a Krav Maga instructor and teaches women and men in self-defence.

Today, Andreas works as a self-employed and independent film maker. Besides his own productions, he can still be booked for third-party productions.

(Photographed by Matt Stark)